Removing gaps from gapless music

If you have music on your iPod that has gaps between the tracks but shouldn't, here's how to remove them.

 It's not a quick job but it works. You'll need some audio editing software to remove the gaps, I use Cool Edit (which became Adobe Audition).

  • Do Open Append in your audio editing software, so that all files are open as one long piece of audio
  • Starting at the end, remove the gap from from between the penultimate and final track
  • Do "Save selection" and save in WAV format, name it as it's track number
  • Continue until all gaps have been removed and files saved in WAV format
  • Use iTunes to encode the WAV files as mp3s - this can be done by dragging the files into a playlist, then right click and choose Encode (I think). You should check the bit rate settings before you start this process