How to launch a new website for free

My latest website, which allows you to record and send voice messages from the site to email it, was made live on 7th May 2009. Initially I got surprisingly few visits. So, I decided to record any efforts made to promote it to try and see which are most effective. I believe it will take time for the site to establish itself as it gets indexed by search engines, and as people discover it and link to it.

The aim is simply to generate as many visitors as possible as quickly as possible to the site.My first goal is to get an average of 10 visits per day to the site.

I am using Google Analytics to track visits to the site.

I found an interesting article at:

To date I've done the following:

  • created a link to the site on this site, to help Google (and others) index the new site
  • bookmarked in Delicious
  • bookmarked in Facebook


21 May 09

  • Started a Twitter account (follow me) with a view to making future announcements about the site
  • bookmarked to Digg


10 June 09

  • Requested a listing in a web directoy. Having a listing accepted involves someone visiting the site and deciding whether it should be included. This process can take several weeks.

Key stats to date:

Total visits: 67 (mostly me), Unique visitors: 19, Average visits per day: 2, Google page rank: 0, Inbound links: 0, Messages sent: 0

Other ideas:

When more established: create a mailing list for the site so people can sign up and be kept informed of improvements to the site.